VAIO netbook

By some strange happenstance, my mum has won herself a free netbook from her bank (getting it by end of July). “Not just a netbook, but a VAIO”, she said. I’m not usually the one to be uber excited about overpriced hardware that mainly caters to consumers who prefer style over features but I was still curious to find out what kind of netbook we were getting and one would think that the bank would already know the type/model but nooooooooooooo, they didn’t.

Meh, don’t even care, it’ll probably be some market-reject loaded with Vista – I’ll wipe it clean and load her up with openSUSE and maybe turn it into a carputer 😀

I’m secretly hoping it’s one of the new M series or E series and not the hideous looking “confused UMPC” P series.


May 20, 2010. Blog.

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