Best of 5 second films

Last Anchor Standing is my favourite! LOL!


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This is a video embed test.

This is one of my favourite shorts, Logorama (which won an Oscar). Watch it full screen and turn off Closed Captioning if the text bugs you.

Check out their Wikipedia article for more info.

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World Water Day

One of my favourite things on the internet is’s The Big Picture. They pick a topic and do a story on it but with photographs. Here’s where they focus on World Water Day

From the article, river Ganga:

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Figuring Physics

Figuring Physics, a column in The Physics Teacher by Paul Hewitt

I really enjoyed solving these!

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GIF test

I can post GIFs. I hope that y’all are rocking some sweet broadband.

Take that mouse off me!

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Hello world!

I’ve decided that I rather put all my interesting stuff on a public blog rather than on Facebook. This thing will undergo changes everyday and I’ll keep tinkering around with the CSS till I’m satisfied and smiling.  Currently jamming out to AC/DC’s Iron Man 2 album which is on heavy circulation on my playlist.

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